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Why is Renters Insurance a MUST have?

The first thing a homeowner does when moving into a new home, is to purchase a homeowners insurance policy. However, most renters do not realize they have a similar option available to them through purchasing a renters insurance policy.Apartment Building

A renters insurance policy protects the renter’s personal property: everything from shoes, clothes, TVs, furniture, computer, etc. But the biggest reason for obtaining renters insurance is for the personal liability coverage. Most renters do not realize they can be held liable should their guest be hurt in their rented apartment, condo, or house.

Here are some examples of how personal liability could protect you:

  • You fail to shovel your sidewalk and the postman slips and fails and sues you.
  • Your dog bites your neighbor’s kid and they sue you.
  • You inadvertently cause a BBQ fire and consequently burn down your apartment building.

On the flip-side, here is one quick scenario of how personal property protection could protect you:

A neighbor burns down the apartment building and he did not have renters insurance to protect him from the liability, your entire unit burns down too. If you had a renters insurance policy with sufficient personal property coverage,  all of your personal belongings would be replaced! Otherwise, you would have to start from scratch and go buy a new bedset, clothes, socks, TV – you get the idea of how quickly that would all add up!

So please – if you ever find yourself renting property, whether it be an apartment or a house, please consider a renter’s insurance policy.

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