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Renters Insurance and Condo Insurance

Renters Insurance is for everyone who does not own a home and is either living in an apartment or a rental home. Your Landlord’s coverage does not cover any of your personal affects nor does it cover any of your liability. We see it on the news everyday of someone is has had a major loss from fire, tornado, flood and has nothing left because they thought renters insurance was just too expensive. For a basic policy you can protect yourself for less than $15 a month and not have to have that worry of what is your neighbor doing now.

Condo Insurance: Not only covers your personal property but also picks up the interior dwelling from a loss. The HOA policy will generally cover the structure or exterior walls but that is it. You the owner are responsible for where the paint meets the drywall and everything in from that point. Carpet, fixtures, cabinets, and flooring.

PERSONAL PROPERTY: Personal items and household goods; valuable items, such as jewelry and art, are subject to limitations. You may have the option of purchasing replacement cost coverage on your personal property or your personal property may be valued at actual cash value. If you own valuable items Your you should consider purchasing additional coverage through a scheduled endorsement or separate policy.

Replacement Cost is the amount it takes to replace your damaged or destroyed property, subject to the limits shown in your declaration page and policy. Please refer to your policy for additional information.

Actual Cash Value is the cost of repairing or replacing damaged or destroyed property with property of same kind and quality less depreciation, subject to the limits shown in your declaration page and policy.

LOSS OF USE: Covers increased living expenses during the time required to repair or replace the damage to the residence you rent following an insured loss, or if you permanently relocate, the time required to move your household to a new location. This coverage may be subject to time and expense limitations.

PERSONAL LIABILITY: Provides protection if you or a resident insured causes bodily injury or

property damage to another, on a per occurrence basis.

MEDICAL PAYMENTS TO OTHERS: If a person, other than you or a resident of your unit, is

injured on the insured premises, this coverage will pay medical expenses subject to the policy limit