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Life Insurance

Life Insurance–The Sunahara Agency works with over 50 different carriers to find you the best product, package, and cost to meet yours and your families needs.

Term Life Insurance

Level-premium term life insurance generally provides level insurance coverage and premiums for a limited period of time, typically a 10 to 30 year term. While affordability and simplicity are the key benefits of term life insurance, it comes at a cost. When the initial term is over, to maintain the same level of protection, premiums will most likely increase substantially

Universal Life Insurance

Consider our universal life insurance for lifetime coverage with the flexibility to adjust premiums and coverage as your needs change.

  • Designed to last your lifetime
  • Flexibility to adjust premiums and coverage amount
  • Portion of premiums go into a cash value account that you can borrow from while you’re alive
  • Cash value grows tax-deferred at guaranteed minimum interest rate specified in your policy

Unlike term life, most universal life insurance policies accumulate cash value over time. You can then borrow any unloaned amount from your accumulated cash value, up to maximum limit, for any reason, like paying college tuition, or using for supplemental retirement income.

Whole Life Insurance

Much like term insurance, whole life insurance is meant to provide your loved ones a degree of financial security by way of a death benefit. It is, after all, a life insurance policy. If you were to die unexpectedly, your whole life insurance policy could help the beneficiaries pay for thing such as final expenses, medical bills, living expenses, mortgage payments, and other debts.

However, unlike term life insurance, whole life insurance is considered a type of permanent life insurance. Instead of the policy expiring when a specific term is up (10, 20, or 30 years) or in some cases a specific age is attained, whole life insurance provides coverage for your entire life as long as you continue to pay premiums. Whole life insurance also includes a component that can accumulate cash value. It’s this cash value that is one of the key elements of whole life insurance.

Because whole life insurance won’t expire after a certain term and can earn cash value, premiums will typically be higher than with term life. However, you may find that these two benefits are worth the extra premium. Some additional key benefits to whole life include:

  • A guaranteed fixed monthly premium that will never increase as long as premiums are made and there is no lapse in coverage
  • A guarantee that your beneficiaries will receive at least the death benefit value of the policy*
  • Not having to replace your life insurance policy after a specific term of level premiums with a new policy, and face potentially higher premiums based on your current your age or health status
  • The potential to build cash value that you can use while you are living through policy loans or other withdrawal options

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